Introducing SIA - Mali

International Solidarity for Africa (Solidarité Internationale pour L’Afrique), also known as SIA - Mali, is a non-governmental organization under Malian law N-04-038 (August 5th, 2004). Any person with a vested interest, physically or morally, within SIA’s scope of action is regarded as a member. We are made up of a General Assembly, which unites the whole of its members, an Administrative Council, which oversees the efficient functioning of the association, and a Secretariat, which implements the organization’s initiatives.

As a national emergency and community development organization serving deprived rural and urban areas, SIA is an apolitical, secular, and not-for-profit organization accredited by

United Nations agencies.

To further the empowerment of the communities it serves, SIA’s core principle is community participation and engagement in the implementation of its projects (identifying needs, decision-making, conceptualizing projects and their implementation). SIA incorporates this participatory approach in all of its projects.